• Wicked




  • 36 Shot Happy

    36 Shot Happy


    Effects:1. Red star2. Green star3. Report 

  • Outlaw



    Effects: 1. Red, green, blue, yellow and silver palm trees and crackling Number of Shots: 36Size: 6″ H X 6″ W X 6″ D

  • Redneck Riviera

    Redneck Riviera


    Effects:1. Red, blue and green pillar.2. Red, green and blue star with white glitter. Number of Shots: 25Dimension: 4.75″ H X 4.25″ W X 7″ D

  • Don't Tread on Me

    Don't Tread on Me


    Effects:1. Red tail up to red star2. Silver tail up to silver palm3. Blue tail up to crackle and blue star  

  • Road Rage

    Road Rage


    Effects:1. Red star and white glitter.2. Green star and white glitter.3. Blue star and white glitter.4. Purple star and white glitter.

  • 28 Shot Finale

    28 Shot Finale


    Effects: 1. Blue star and silver fish2. Silver tiger tail3. Whistling tail to chrysanthemum4. Chrysanthemum to red, green star5. Silver palm and crackling6. Red, green glittering7. Red leaves and chrysanthemum # of Shots: 28

  • Psycho Peacock

    Psycho Peacock


    Effects:1. Red, green and blue pillar.2. Delay crackling willow.3. Red and green star with crackle.  

  • Asteroid Warning

    Asteroid Warning


    Effects:Spider pillar; red star and white glitter; purple green star and crackle; red blue star and crackle; red green star and chrysanthemum.    

  • God Bless Merica

    God Bless Merica


    Red tail up to red wave; silver tail up to white glitter; blue tail up to blue star; 3 stage whistle; silver tail up to ti-flower crackle.

  • Frenzy



    Effects: 1. Red stars and whistling tail up to crackling and blue stars2. Green stars and whistling tails to bang reports and blue stars3. Whistling and white glittering up to bang reports, crackling # of Shots: 248

  • Redneck Finale Repeater

    Redneck Finale Repeater


    Yee Haw, a small cake with bad*ss shots! Palms, glitter, and chrysanthemums, with a double finale of silver chrysanthemum and crackling palm – this is the whole shebang!Effect1-4: Red palm and white glitter5-7: Green star and silver chrysanthemum...

  • Waterfall



    Effect: Fan Cake - 5 Shot At A time, Blue Crackling Mines To Slowly Drizzling Waterfalls