Sparklers & Fountains

  • Black Cat #3 Cone

    Black Cat #3 Cone


    A 7″ cone made with a special custom effect of beautiful fine rich gold sparkling showers.Effects: 1. Gold spring. 2. Silver sping.

  • Neon Sparklers

    Neon Sparklers


    Light up the night with these very special one-of-a-kind 17″ sparklers. These are definitely not ordinary sparklers made with Japanese technology. The Special Effects Sparkler 3 different varieties of sparklers. The first is a color changing...

  • #4 Cone

    #4 Cone


    A 9″ cone with 3 assorted varieties in a case.

  • Sparklers #8 - 36 Pieces

    Sparklers #8 - 36 Pieces


    Use your imagination! You can sky write or conduct an orchestra. Whatever you choose will glow and glitter. This metal wire is 7″ long and approximately 3/32″ in diameter, with approximately a 40 second burn time.

  • Four Asst 9'' Fountain

    Four Asst 9'' Fountain


    This color-themed quartet delivers a great performance with lots of crackles and glittering effects from the likes of Blue Ice; Green Garden; Gold & Silver Treasure and, Peach Tree.Effects: Blue Ice – Blue sparks with gold glitter &...

  • Victory Swords

    Victory Swords


    Victory Sword:California candle style hand-held fountain that shoots multi-color sparks with light crackle.

  • Pick Me

    Pick Me


    Pine needles with red blue stars, silver titanium sparks to silver coins to greens stars.    

  • Ten inch Sparklers Assorted 96 pieces (BP3107)

    Ten inch Sparklers Assorted 96 pieces


    Unit size: 10-1/4x1-3/4x3/4 in. Packing: 24/12/8 Ctn. size: 0.042 cu. m. Gr Wt.: 11.5 kg Multicolored Sparklers, Crackling Sparklers and Gold Sparklers.

  • Fountastic



    Effects:1. Titanium flowers2. Crackling stars3. Crackling stars and red stars4. Crackling stars, red, yellow and blue stars   

  • Totally Circus

    Totally Circus


    A totally circus show of crackling with green and blue pearls. Then, red, green, blue and yellow pearls with chrysanthemums and red pearls with crackling.

  • Tie Dye

    Tie Dye


    Effects:1. Green glittering sparks to red sparks2. White glittering sparks to yellow sparks3. Blue spark4. White chrysanthemum  

  • Stick'em Up (BP4363)

    Stick'em Up


    Unit size: 16-1x8x7-7/8x5/8 in. Packing: 24/1 Ctn. size: 0.043 cu. m. Gr Wt.: 9.6 kg Red, green and blue flames to gold titanium flowers.

  • nanoFury



    Small package. Big blue flame with silver shower, then crackling chrysanthemums with green stars. Silver crackling with red and blue stars, and finale with titanium crackling with red glitter.

  • Haunted House

    Haunted House


    Get spooked with Black Cat’s Haunted House. Like an amusement park ride, Haunted House takes you on a journey of wailing whistles, scary silhouettes and ghoulish glitters. Throw in some glowing windows, colors stars and cackling crackles and you...