• Ammo Bomber

    Ammo Bomber


    Case Quantity: 12 shells per box, 12 boxes per case (144 total pieces).POWerful little 1-inch canisters. A great value! Effects include white glitter, color peonies, gold willow, crackling, and more!

  • Neon Blowout

    Neon Blowout


    Blowout Neon Color of Pink, Lemon, Orange, Purple, Blue & Green. Max Load Artillery Shells   

  • American Chief (BP2919)

    American Chief


    Unit size: 12x6-11/16x4 in. Packing: 12/12 Ctn. size: 0.072 cu. m. Gr Wt.: 15 kg 1. Crackling and blue sparkle with tail. 2. White flashing with two whistles and tail. 3. Blue stars with bees and tail. 4. Red, white, blue and reports with...

  • Ultimatum - 10 Shots

    Ultimatum - 10 Shots


    Each box consist of 2 each round, canister, double, triple & quadruple shells Effect: 1/ Red to Crackling2/ Green to Crackling3/ Purple to Red Peony4/ Blue to White Peony5/ Gold Willow to Crackling6/ Purple Coconut to Red & White7/ Red...

  • Power Load Single Shells

    Power Load Single Shells


    Effects: 1. Brocade Crown w/ Blue Peony2. Red Peony w/ Wave Pistil3. Red Palm Tree4. Silver Palm Tree5. Purple Peony to Silver Glittering6. Silver Crackling Chrysanthemum7. Red Palm to Crackling Rain8. Gold Crackling Rain to Silver Palm Tree Ring9...

  • Koto Ring Shells

    Koto Ring Shells


    Effects: 6 shots. 6 breaks. 60 gram canister shells. 6 XL 6” shells.6 Japanese inspired effects: assorted rings with special effects. # of Breaks: 6Size: 6 XL 6” shells

  • Smoke-N-Mirrors



    2 tubes12 60 gram canister shells with assorted effects.   

  • Dual Exhaust 6 Inch

    Dual Exhaust 6 Inch


    Effects:1. Red green coco palm with crackle and purple blue peony with gold plum blossom.2. Red coco palm with silver plum blossom and green coco palm with gold plum blossom.3. Purple green peony with gold titanium chrysanthemum and brocade crown with...

  • Night Walkers

    Night Walkers


    Effects: 2 Tubes20 Canister shells12 Double breaks # of Breaks: 36

  • T-800 5 Inch Canister

    T-800 5 Inch Canister


    Effects:60 Gram 5″ Canister Shells with 24 Assorted effects and 4 Fiberglass Tubes. Number of Shots: 24Dimension: 27″ H X 9.5″ W X 3.5″ D

  • Black Mamba Reloads

    Black Mamba Reloads


    24 shots. 24 breaks. 60 gram canister shells. 24 4″ shells. 24 assorted effects.

  • Monstrosity



    (60GM Canister Shells) 6″ canister shells with 12 giant breaks; 24 breaks.    

  • Sonic Shells

    Sonic Shells


    Effects:4 Fiberglass tubes24 XL 5" canister shells Premium effects: Whistling tail to loud break.

  • Mega Box

    Mega Box


    Effects: 32 Shots with 54 Breaks 1/ 12 Spherical - Color Peony with Crackling, Red to Green, Silver Wave, Green to Crackling, Crackling, Blue Chry, Purple Rose, Green Glitter, Ocean Blue, Lemon, Crimson Red, Gold Willow to Orange 2/ 6 canister -...

  • The Patriot 6 inch Canister

    The Patriot 6 inch Canister


    Effects: Double:1. Red palm & crackle / Blue palm & crackle2. Red palm / Green palm3. Purple & orange star with green glitter4. Orange to green / Purple to green5. Lemon, cyanine blue, purple / Brocade6. Crackle & red plum flower /...