• Skull Crusher

    Skull Crusher


    Effects: 1. Brocade crowns2. Green, yellow, red and blue color tips3. 2 shot finale # of Shots: 9

  • King of Chrusanthemums

    King of Chrusanthemums


    Supersize color chrysanthemums. Ends with multiple shots of giant gold palm with loud crackle.

  • This is Power Finale

    This is Power Finale


    Effects: GOOD BREAK GREAT DURATION. Red Glitter Willow to Strobe and Crackling, V Shape Red/Green Coconut Tail to Popping Stars. Whistling Tail to Purple and Blue/Red Glitter and Crackling. Gold Glitter Willow and Crackling. Ends with Gold Tail to...

  • Whacky Tobacky

    Whacky Tobacky


    Effects:1. Huge shots of gold brocade # of Shots: 9Size: 14" H X 13.5" W X 13.5" D

  • Monstrous Palm Rack

    Monstrous Palm Rack


    Effect: Gigantic Golden Palm With Assorted Color Stars, Ends With Multiple Shots of Big Silver Willows

  • Wheel In The Sky

    Wheel In The Sky


    Effects:Brocade demon double ring. 360 degree rotating color changing ring.