Black Cat

  • #4 Cone

    #4 Cone


    A 9″ cone with 3 assorted varieties in a case.

  • 10 Ball Roman Candle

    10 Ball Roman Candle


    10 huge shots of rich reds and emerald green roman candle fun shoot out of each large tube! Enjoy the fireball display. Size: 17" H x 3/4"  Shots: 10  

  • 36 Shot Happy

    36 Shot Happy


    Effects:1. Red star2. Green star3. Report 

  • 9 Ball

    9 Ball


    Red and blue brocade; green, purple and orange star with green strobe; yellow brocade with crackle.  

  • Backyard Riot

    Backyard Riot


    Wanna set off a riot in the neighborhood? This one will do it – big, broad brocades and towering willows light up the night with cool hues of lemon and sea blue. Backyard Riot is a fireworks...

  • Black Cat 100 Foot Fountain

    Black Cat 100 Foot Fountain


    An extraordinary combination fountain with 100-foot mine effects! Color & sparks are turbocharged with 3 eruptions of titanium crackling mine   Size: 8-3/8" H x 3-3/4"  Avg...

  • Black Cat 40/16

    Black Cat 40/16


    Black Cat takes their firecrackers very seriously. Each batch produced is checked for loudness, dud rate, string consistency, labeling and packaging. All of this combined is what makes Black Cat...

  • Black Cat 5 inch Canister

    Black Cat 5 inch Canister


    Effects: Mine:1. Blue to silver brocade mine / Blue to silver brocade2. Chrysanthemum & red glitter willow mine / Red glitter willow & blue star3. Chrysanthemum mine / Crackling willow &...

  • Black Cat Flashing Signal

    Black Cat Flashing Signal


    Not a true fountain but a great consistent performer. Black Cat was the first to offer this strobing effect.

  • Blow Your Mind

    Blow Your Mind


    Silver glittering tails to red bouquets; green glittering tails to gold crackling with blue stars; silver glittering tails to crackling and red stars; silver glittering tails to brocade; green...