Fire Hawk

  • Ammo Bomber

    Ammo Bomber


    Case Quantity: 12 shells per box, 12 boxes per case (144 total pieces).POWerful little 1-inch canisters. A great value! Effects include white glitter, color peonies, gold willow, crackling, and...

  • Fire Hawk Exploding Mosquito

    Fire Hawk Exploding Mosquito


    Packing : 36/6Cubic Meter: 0.044Wt (Kg) : 9.0Dimension: L3.9" x W4.3" (each pc)Effect: Spin On Ground, Launch To Sky In High Speed.  Ends With A Big Bang

  • Medal of Honor

    Medal of Honor


    Earn your stripes with these 16 shots of red & blue peony and silver glittering stars. Loud reports accompany each effect.  

  • Neon Blowout

    Neon Blowout


    Blowout Neon Color of Pink, Lemon, Orange, Purple, Blue & Green. Max Load Artillery Shells   

  • Salute USA Assortment Tray

    Salute USA Assortment Tray


    Content: (Artillery Shells, Multiple Shots & Fountains) 2 box MX508  1.5" Blaster Bomb Artillery Shells 1 pc    MX205  7 Shot Garden in...