Fire Hawk

  • Battle Royale

    Battle Royale


    Effects: Mixture of Brocade Crown, Purple Coconut with Green Glitter, 5 Assorted Color Dahlia with Silver Glitter or Silver Crackle Chrysanthemum Pistil, Unique Grass Green & Pale Blue to...

  • Fire Hawk Exploding Mosquito

    Fire Hawk Exploding Mosquito


    Packing : 36/6Cubic Meter: 0.044Wt (Kg) : 9.0Dimension: L3.9" x W4.3" (each pc)Effect: Spin On Ground, Launch To Sky In High Speed.  Ends With A Big Bang

  • Ghost Hunter

    Ghost Hunter


    Effects: BRIGHT GOLD GLITTERING with Blue, Red Dahlia and Purple. Ends with Rapid Shots Number of Shots: 12Dimension: Dia 6.75" x H 7.0"

  • Ignite the Spark

    Ignite the Spark


    Effects: Long duration Fountain - Silver Willow, Blue Spark to Gold and Silver Chrysanthemums, Green Sparks to Gold Crackling, Gold Glitter to Purple with Loud Crackling Chrysanthemum. Ends with...

  • Medal of Honor

    Medal of Honor


    Earn your stripes with these 16 shots of red & blue peony and silver glittering stars. Loud reports accompany each effect.  

  • Mega Box

    Mega Box


    Effects: 32 Shots with 54 Breaks 1/ 12 Spherical - Color Peony with Crackling, Red to Green, Silver Wave, Green to Crackling, Crackling, Blue Chry, Purple Rose, Green Glitter, Ocean Blue,...

  • Neon Blowout

    Neon Blowout


    Blowout Neon Color of Pink, Lemon, Orange, Purple, Blue & Green. Max Load Artillery Shells   

  • No 500 Monstrous Single Shot

    No 500 Monstrous Single Shot


    Effects: 1. Brocade to Color Tips2. Red Chrysanthemum3. Crackling Coconut4. Silver Strobes Number of Shots: SingleDimension: Dia 3" x H 15.75"

  • One Minute Riot

    One Minute Riot


    Effect : 1 Minute multiple shot cake with TAILS, HUGE BREAK of Brocades, Willows, Assorted Color Glittering.

  • Power Load Single Shells

    Power Load Single Shells


    Effects: 1. Brocade Crown w/ Blue Peony2. Red Peony w/ Wave Pistil3. Red Palm Tree4. Silver Palm Tree5. Purple Peony to Silver Glittering6. Silver Crackling Chrysanthemum7. Red Palm to Crackling...

  • Pushing the Limits

    Pushing the Limits


    Effects: Alternate Red, Green, Yellow Blue Crackling Crossette Stars.  5 Waterfall Spray in Different Directions.  Rapid Fan of Red Coconut Follow With Blue Coconut. Ends with Rapid...

  • Salute USA Assortment Tray

    Salute USA Assortment Tray


    Content: (Artillery Shells, Multiple Shots & Fountains) 2 box MX508  1.5" Blaster Bomb Artillery Shells 1 pc    MX205  7 Shot Garden in...

  • Screaming Crackler

    Screaming Crackler


    Effects:Screams into the air and emits a report Dimension: 15.75″ H X 7″ W X 1″ D

  • Smoke Copter

    Smoke Copter


    Effects: Two Color Smoke Helicopters (Blue or Pink) Dimension: Wings Width 4.33" Tube Height 3.9"

  • This is Power Finale

    This is Power Finale


    Effects: GOOD BREAK GREAT DURATION. Red Glitter Willow to Strobe and Crackling, V Shape Red/Green Coconut Tail to Popping Stars. Whistling Tail to Purple and Blue/Red Glitter and Crackling. Gold...

  • War of Willows

    War of Willows


    Effect : HUGE TITANIUM WILLOW to Color Tips

  • Whack a Mole

    Whack a Mole


    Effects: Loud Crackling with Red Pearl, Gold Pine with Blue Pearl, White Chrysanthemum with Green Pearl, Popping Star with Red and Green Pearl, Gold Coconut with Green Pearl, White Chrysanthemum...