• Fire Hawk Exploding Mosquito

    Fire Hawk Exploding Mosquito


    Packing : 36/6Cubic Meter: 0.044Wt (Kg) : 9.0Dimension: L3.9" x W4.3" (each pc)Effect: Spin On Ground, Launch To Sky In High Speed.  Ends With A Big Bang

  • Magnum Velocity Missile

    Magnum Velocity Missile


    This 10″ missile glides through the air while it showers down gold glitter. Size: 10″ H x 3-1/2″ W x 3-1/2″ D

  • Mini Green Hornet

    Mini Green Hornet


    Flies with a trail of gold tail, silver sparks and reports Size: 3.5" H X 12" W X 1" D