Roman Candles

  • 10-Ball Roman Candle

    10-Ball Roman Candle


    Effect: 1/ Red / Green Star With Comet Tail 2/ Red / Gold Star With Report3/ Gold Tail With Loud Crackling

  • 10 Ball Roman Candle

    10 Ball Roman Candle


    10 huge shots of rich reds and emerald green roman candle fun shoot out of each large tube! Enjoy the fireball display. Size: 17" H x 3/4"  Shots: 10  

  • Crackling Candle

    Crackling Candle


    A 10 ball roman candle with crackling pearls with tail.  

  • USA Candle

    USA Candle


    Salute our flag with Black Cat’s patriotic red, white, and blue homage to the USA. Size: 17-1/2" H x 3" W x 3/4" D Balls: 10 Effect per Candle:Candle #1: Red crackleCandle #2: Silver crackleCandle #3: Blue crackleCandle #4: Red,...

  • Black Cat Handful Roman Candle

    Black Cat Handful Roman Candle


    Effects:1. Crackling2. Flash report3. Color pearls4. Whistle with report5. Blue pearl with report # of Shots: 10Size: 17.5" H X 3.5" W X .5" D

  • 10-Report Repeater

    10-Report Repeater


    Each candle shoots 10 green balls with tails ending with loud double report

  • Beast



    Effects:666 shots of red, green, blue with chrysanthemum. # of Shots: 666Size: 32 x 3.5 Ø