• Neon King


    Effects: 1. Peach peony2. Orange peony3. Sky blue peony4. Lemon peony5. Green peony6. Purple peony7. Finale: peach and sky blue, orange and green, lemon and purple peony # of Shots: 9

  • 1000 Gram Display


    Effects: 1. Red star2. Green star3. Sky blue star4. Orange star5. Lemon star6. Red, green, blue, purple star with delay crackle7. Crackling comet8. Blue star and red leaves with green leaves9. Red,...

  • Ammo Crate Repeater


    Zipper Cake1. Willow and purple, blue and lemon2. White brocade crown3. Glittering  

  • Show in a Box


    Effects: 1. Iron flower fountain2. Vampire blood mines3. Ocean blue multi-shots4. Three color changing finale # of Shots: 21

  • Yeti


    Effects: 1. Red tail up to brocade and red star2. Blue tail up to brocade and blue star3. Silver tail up to brocade and white glitter4. White glittering mine up to red tip delay crackling willow5...

  • Divide and Conquer


    Effects: 4 Tubes24 Assorted effects24 Canister shells # of Breaks:24

  • 1000 Gram Finale


    Effects: 1. Red comet2. Green comet3. Yellow comet4. Red comet5. Green comet6. Crackling comet7. Gold glittering mine with red, green, yellow, blue and purple star8. Red and green star with gold...

  • Absolute Pyro


    Effects: 1. Gold willow with tail2. Finale with gold willow breaks Number of Shots: 156Size: 7″ H X 22″ W X 16″ D  

  • Base Jump Candle


    Effects: 1. Red, green, blue and purple smoke2. Red and blue parachutes # of Shots: 5

  • Ultimatum II Reloads


    36 Spherical, 36 Canister, 24 Double, 24 Triple all in gold foil packed in a over 6 feet tall black display box.

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