• Banzai



    The ancient and triumphant cheer goes up with these six rockets: (1) waterfall with silver glitter; (2) red to silver glittering willow; (3) crackling willow;(4) red and green wave with flying fish; (5) pink and lemon stars with delayed crackling; and...

  • Corona (BP1214)



    Unit size: 1-1/8x6-1/4x27-7/16 in. Packing: 36/6 Ctn. size:  0.103 cu. m. Gr Wt.: 14 kg Reach for the stars as the rockets burst to chrysanthemums and willows at their maximum altitude. 1. Blue crackling with red star2...

  • BP1212

    Maximum Altitude


    Unit size: Dia. 2-3/16x27-1/8 in. Packing: 12/4 Ctn. size: 0.082 cu. m. Gr Wt.: 8 kg Reach for the stars as the rockets burst to chrysanthemums and willows at their maximum altitude. 1. Red and green crackling willow. 2. Purple willow. 3. Purple...

  • Three-Peat Rocket

    Three-Peat Rocket


    This is a "pop" rocket with three huge reports Size: 16" H X 4" W X 1.5" D

  • Space Falcon

    Space Falcon


    Effects:Five large rockets with loud multi effects. Dahli’s, strobes, dragon eggs, brocade crown, and gold palm crackle. Size: 36 x 10.5 x 2

  • Screaming Crackler

    Screaming Crackler


    Effects:Screams into the air and emits a report Dimension: 15.75″ H X 7″ W X 1″ D

  • Hardball



    Effects:1. Delay crackle2. Red and green palm3. Lemon and blue star4. Red, green and blue star with white glitter Dimension: 22″ H X 3.25″ W X 1.75″ D

  • Sky Pattern Rocket Kit

    Sky Pattern Rocket Kit


    Effect: 1.5" Shell1/ Brocade Ring2/ Silver Coconut Ring w/Crackling Rain Pistil 3/ Red Ring w/White Glitter Pistil4/ Red and Green Double Ring5/ Brocade Coconut w/Crackling Chrysanthemum

  • Pound Rockets

    Pound Rockets


    The effects consist of 4 big rockets with big effects. Red leaves, sizzling silver crossette, red crossette and new color leaves.

  • Ring Shell Rockets

    Ring Shell Rockets


    Six awesome assorted rockets that break into color rings. Because the rocket keeps the shell oriented in the same direction throughout the flight, the ring breaks perfectly nearly every time.

  • Big & Bad Rockets

    Big & Bad Rockets


    Black Cat’s Big’ n Bad rockets are huge and bold. Six spectacular premium effects are matched with huge rocket bursts and mind blowing performance. Each of the base colors and glitters are mixed with standout brocades, crackles and willows. A...