• Red Beret Parachute

    Red Beret Parachute


    Packing : 36/3Cubic Meter: 0.082Wt (Kg) : 18.0Box Dimension: L7.27" x W5.9" x H2.76"Unit Dimension: Dia 1.5" x H7.9"Shoots out Parachute with Army Man Figure3 Effect:  Crackling Blue Smoke Red Strobe  

  • Parachute Exhibition

    Parachute Exhibition


    Packing : 12/1Cubic Meter: 0.064Wt (Kg) : 24.00Dimension: Dia6.69" x H6.85"Effect: 19S Red And Green Pearls With Whistling. Twisting Dragon To Red And Green Pearls With Crackling  - Parachute Cake