New Products

  • Ammo Bomber

    Ammo Bomber


    Case Quantity: 12 shells per box, 12 boxes per case (144 total pieces).POWerful little 1-inch canisters. A great value! Effects include white glitter, color peonies, gold willow, crackling, and more!

  • Coast to Coast

    Coast to Coast


    Three different 500-gram cakes per case. Tubes are plastic resin construction. BP-A116-1: Hudson - alternating red palms, green palms, silver palms and purple palms with red glitter, ends with five-shot finale of red glittering willows. 25 SHOTS...

  • Rap Sheet

    Rap Sheet


    An assortment of three Brothers 200-gram cakes: BP-A110-1 Copper Devils, BP-A110-2 Sapphire Clan and BP-A110-3 Crimson Bulls. Each of the three cakes can be ordered separately.

  • Ghost Story

    Ghost Story


    Stories at night. Stories of gold flowers with green glitter, and crackling flowers with red and green stars. Silver flowers with red, green and yellow stars and crackling. Stories of silver chrysanthemums, green glitter, silver and gold flowers with...

  • nanoFury



    Small package. Big blue flame with silver shower, then crackling chrysanthemums with green stars. Silver crackling with red and blue stars, and finale with titanium crackling with red glitter.

  • Totally Circus

    Totally Circus


    A totally circus show of crackling with green and blue pearls. Then, red, green, blue and yellow pearls with chrysanthemums and red pearls with crackling.

  • Bells and Whistles

    Bells and Whistles


    This one comes with all the bells and whistling tails to titanium willows with blue stars, then crackling willows to titanium willows with crackling chrysanthemums. Ends with whistling tails to titanium willows with gold chrysanthemums. 42 SHOTS

  • BadHareDay



    A bad day turns good with silver and red and green and gold glitter, red clubs, and crackling stars. 49 SHOTS  

  • Hot Take

    Hot Take


    Get wild about chrysanthemum mines to multicolored dahlia with chrysanthemum, and then to purple and lemon and blue dahlia with chrysanthemums. 12 SHOTS

  • Knuckle Sandwich

    Knuckle Sandwich


    This one lands HARD…gold glittering tails to red and blue dahlia, then to purple and blue dahlia, and finally to silver palms and silver glitter. 12 SHOTS  

  • Whirlwind of Caribbean Sea

    Whirlwind of Caribbean Sea


    Red, green and blue tail to strobing star and silver swirling with a red, green and blue heart. 19 SHOTS

  • Bazaar



     Alternating red crackling comets, green crackling comets and gold crackling comets, then red tails to red bouquets, green tails to green bouquets and gold tails to crackling. 12 SHOTS

  • Suspended



    In suspended animation you'll wonder where the time has gone. Fifteen alternating shots of blue or yellow tails to blue or yellow stars with crackling. Ends with a ten-shot finale. 25 SHOTS

  • Stop N Go

    Stop N Go


    It's stop n go traffic but you're not in it! Alternating red, green or yellow tails to red, green or yellow bouquets with crackling flowers, ending with a ten-shot finale. 25 SHOTS <iframe width="560" height="315" src="

  • Banzai



    The ancient and triumphant cheer goes up with these six rockets: (1) waterfall with silver glitter; (2) red to silver glittering willow; (3) crackling willow;(4) red and green wave with flying fish; (5) pink and lemon stars with delayed crackling; and...

  • Cat Eyes

    Cat Eyes


    Titanium flower spinner with: 1. Red smoke 2. Green smoke 3. Yellow smoke

  •  Medusa



    Avg. Duration: 50 sec. Shots: 6 Effects: 1. Red titanium rain then red spark with white chrysanthemum 2. Blue flame iron flower then red titanium rain then red 3. Green 4. Blue spark & sparkle