• Steel Navy Repeater

    Steel Navy Repeater


    Effect: This 2 Feet Long 500gm Cake Shoots Combination Of Different Size & Different Angled Effects. Assorted Color Dahlia to White Glitter and Chrysanthemum, Fan Shape Red and Green Crackling Tail. Finale With Alternate Green and Purple...

  • One Big Fan Cake (BP2715)

    One Big Fan Cake


    Unit size: 16-1/2×14-1/2×9 in. Packing: 2/1 Ctn. size: 0.082 cu. m. Gr Wt.: 9.5 kg Designed for Brothers fans - whistling tails to titanium flowers, then three shots of red tails to brocade with red dahlia. Silver comet...

  • Boom (BP2749)



    Unit size: 13-1/4x11-3/4x7-7/8 in. Packing: 4/1 Ctn. size: 0.088 cu. m. Gr Wt.: 16 kg Thundering red, green and blue stars with chrysanthemum. Roaring purple, orange and blue stars with green glitter. Blasting quickened shots of red tails...

  • Fan Favorite (BP2757)

    Fan Favorite


    Unit size: 18-1/2x11x9 in. Packing: 4/1 Ctn. size:  0.131 cu. m.. Gr Wt.: 19 kg The vote is in - red glitter and crackling mines to garnet stars and brocade tails to silver glitter, then red glitter and crackling mines to cyan,...

  • Steal the Show (BP2731)

    Steal the Show


    Unit size: 19-11/16x9-7/8x8-1/4 in. Packing: 4/1 Ctn. size: 0.114 cu. m. Gr Wt.: 19 kg Steal the show with whistling tails to red, green, orange, purple stars with delayed crackling followed by multi-colored cracking willows, and then...

  • Running Scared (BP2779)

    Running Scared


    Unit size: 14-3/4x10-5/8x5-7/8 in. Packing: 4/1 Ctn. size:  0.068 cu. m. Gr Wt.: 15.5 kg Get things moving with silver comet tails to blue stars with gold and silver crackling flowers, and red, green and yellow tails to red, green...

  • T.H.A.A.D.



    Effects: 1. Zigzag shooting of red, white and blue tails2. Big time rain chrysanthemums # of Shots: 220

  • Dancing In The Rain

    Dancing In The Rain


    Effect: Z Cake (Open & Close Curtain Pattern) Crackling Color Dahlia to Crackling. Color Stars Shoot Outward and Inward into a Curtain Pattern. Ends with a Wide Angle Fan with Color and Crackling.    

  • Return to Roswell

    Return to Roswell


    Effects:Red, blue, purple, yellow scrambling comets; 2 stage whistling tail to girandola.