Mega Box

Mega Box


Effects: 32 Shots with 54 Breaks

1/ 12 Spherical - Color Peony with Crackling, Red to Green, Silver Wave, Green to Crackling, Crackling, Blue Chry, Purple Rose, Green Glitter, Ocean Blue, Lemon, Crimson Red, Gold Willow to Orange

2/ 6 canister - Red Wave to Coconut Pistil, Silver Wave to Chry, Red Dahlia, Red Heart with White Glitter, Gold Willow to Crackling, Silver Wave to Green

3/ 6 Double - Green Peony + Crackling, Gold Peony + Silver Wave to Red, Red Chry + Color Peony, Green Glitter + Orange Yellow and Crackling, Blue Peony + Green Chry, Color Peony + Gold Willow

4/ 8 Triple- Red to Blue + Brocade + White Glitter, Silver Wave to Red + Green Chry + Crackling, Gold Peony + Silver Glitter + Red Peony, Color Peony + Brocade + Crackling , Ocean Blue + Red Crimson + Lemon, Red Palm + Silver Coconut + Blue Peony, Red to Green + Silver Palm + Orange Yellow to Crackling, Ocean Blue + Crimson Red + Lemon and Crackling

Dimension: L36.0 x W16.5 x H5.0"

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