• Color of USA - 230 Shot

    Color of USA - 230 Shot


    Effect: 230 Shots Of Assorted Color Stars, Crackling Tail And Whistling.  The Stars Change Color Each 20 Shot.  Ends With 2 Rolls Of Rapid Shots Of Crackling Tail

  • Big Attitude Reloads

    Big Attitude Reloads


    Each box consist of 6 round, 12 canister, 10 double, 4 triple and 4 quadruple shells Effect: 1/ Brocade2/ Chrysanthemum3/ Red White Blue Peony4/ Silver Glitter5/ Red Peony to Silver Coconut6/ Red Palm7/ Red Peony to Chrysanthemum8/ Color Coconut to...

  • Ammo Crate Repeater

    Ammo Crate Repeater


    Zipper Cake1. Willow and purple, blue and lemon2. White brocade crown3. Glittering