• Mobile Menace

    Mobile Menace


    1. Alternating red and green glitter v-shaped titanium flower tails with whistles2. Silver swirling tails with whistles3. V-shaped crackling comet tails4. Five quickened shots of delayed crackle

  • Pipe Dream

    Pipe Dream


    Unit size: 5-1/4x6-3/4x5-7/8 in. Packing: 12/1 Ctn. size: 0.048 cu. m. Gr Wt.: 19 kg Dreaming of the biggest jumbo gold palms with red and green glitter, then brocade with red and green falling leaves to blue stars. Then there would...

  • Knuckle Sandwich

    Knuckle Sandwich


    This one lands HARD…gold glittering tails to red and blue dahlia, then to purple and blue dahlia, and finally to silver palms and silver glitter. 12 SHOTS  

  • Hot Take

    Hot Take


    Get wild about chrysanthemum mines to multicolored dahlia with chrysanthemum, and then to purple and lemon and blue dahlia with chrysanthemums. 12 SHOTS

  • Loudy & Nasty Repeater

    Loudy & Nasty Repeater


    Effect1. Gold glittering crown and green glittering2. Crackling and red glittering3. Gold palm and green glittering

  • Happy 4th of July Repeater

    Happy 4th of July Repeater


    Effect:1. Red, silver and blue stars2. Whistling, crackling tail and glittering mines3. Finale with crackling chrysanthemum

  • 12S Salute To Our Heroes

    12S Salute To Our Heroes


    Effect : A Great Value 350gm Cake with Good Assortment of Effects - Powerful Break, Color Tail to Assorted Color Glittering and Chrysanthemum

  • Fan-tastic Repeater

    Fan-tastic Repeater


    Effect: 30 Shot Alternate Effect Of Aqua Blue With Lemon Dahlia, Brocade With Red Glitter, Brocade With Crackling Flower, Aqua Blue To Red Glitter, Aqua Blue With Lemon Dahlia And Red Glitter, Red Green Crackling Willow

  • Yeti



    Effects: 1. Red tail up to brocade and red star2. Blue tail up to brocade and blue star3. Silver tail up to brocade and white glitter4. White glittering mine up to red tip delay crackling willow5. White glittering mine up to green tip delay crackling...

  • Trophy Wife

    Trophy Wife


    Effects:Brocade; red stars; titanium silver chrysanthemum.  

  • Bells and Whistles

    Bells and Whistles


    This one comes with all the bells and whistling tails to titanium willows with blue stars, then crackling willows to titanium willows with crackling chrysanthemums. Ends with whistling tails to titanium willows with gold chrysanthemums. 42 SHOTS

  • State of the Union

    State of the Union


    Effects: 1. Red, white and blue mines.2. Blue tails to red and blue stars with silver glitter. # of Shots: 34Size: 8.25″ H X 13.75″ W X 17.25″ D  

  • Voodoo Rain

    Voodoo Rain


    Effects:Red tail up to gold titanium willow and red, sky blue umbrella; red tail up to gold titanium willow and purple, lemon umbrella; red tail up to gold titanium willow and orange, green umbrella; red tail up to gold titanium willow; red tail eject...

  • IPA



    SOLD BY THE PIECEEffects:Storm chaser: Tiger tails to multi color neon dahlias with colorful falling leaves. Wet My Whistle: Three waves of red, green, lemon, purple lace effect with blue pearls and color pearls. Willow torpedo: Gold strobing willow,...

  • Evil Jester

    Evil Jester


    Effects:Crackles with red comet tails; crackle with green comet tails; crackle with silver comet tails; crackle with purple comet tails; crackle with orange comet tails.

  • Brothers Classics

    Brothers Classics


    Effects:Parrots' Prattle: Whistling to red and white palms; white flashes and whistles Shotgun Wedding: Whistling tails to red and green palms with white flash; whistles and whistling tails to crackling flowers Uncle Sam's Answer: Gold stars, crackling...

  • Blow Your Mind

    Blow Your Mind


    Silver glittering tails to red bouquets; green glittering tails to gold crackling with blue stars; silver glittering tails to crackling and red stars; silver glittering tails to brocade; green glittering tails to delayed crackling.

  • Howling Wolf (BP2820)

    Howling Wolf


    Unit size: 10-1/2x10-1/2x8-7/8 in. Packing: 4/1 Ctn. size: 0.071 cu. m. Gr Wt.: 18 kg The moon rises. The howling starts. Howling tails and howling tails to red palm with silver glitter, orange stars with green glitter, brocade with blue...