Sparklers & Fountains

  • Neon Sparklers


    Light up the night with these very special one-of-a-kind 17″ sparklers. These are definitely not ordinary sparklers made with Japanese technology. The Special Effects Sparkler 3 different varieties of sparklers. The first is a color changing...

  • #3 Cone


    A 7″ cone with three assorted varieties in the case with silver sparks, gold sparks and crackling.  

  • #4 Cone


    A 9″ cone with 3 assorted varieties in a case.

  • Sparklers #8 - 36 Pieces


    Use your imagination! You can sky write or conduct an orchestra. Whatever you choose will glow and glitter. This metal wire is 7″ long and approximately 3/32″ in diameter, with approximately a 40 second burn time.

  • Victory / Princess / Zorro Swords


    Princess and Victory Sword:California candle style hand-held fountain that shoots multi-color sparks with light crackle.Zorro Sword:California candle style hand-held fountain that shoots silver sparks.

  • Bubbly Purple Gold


    Effect: Gold & Purple Pearls to Silver & Blue Pearls. Ends with Loud Crackling.

  • Pot-Of-Gold


    Bright gold glittering fountain.Effect:1. Gold glittering chrysanthemums2. Iron flower3. Crackling chrysanthemums

  • Neighbor Hater


    Effects:1. Whistle2. Red star & crackle3. Green star & sparkle crackle Dimension: 6 x 3.6

  • Black Cat In Living Color


    When your parents got a taste of color TV, they couldn’t go back to watching black-and-white. Try In Living Color and you won’t go back to a regular fountain. This classic will hold your attention, with eye-popping colors of Red, Green, Blue,...