Sparklers & Fountains

  • The Skull Fountain

    The Skull Fountain


    Effects: 1. Silver, red and green stars with heavy crackle2. Strobing effect lighting up the skull  

  • Haunted House

    Haunted House


    Get spooked with Black Cat’s Haunted House. Like an amusement park ride, Haunted House takes you on a journey of wailing whistles, scary silhouettes and ghoulish glitters. Throw in some glowing windows, colors stars and cackling crackles and you...

  • Arachnophobia



    Effect - WATCH OUT FOR THE FINALE!!  Two Layer Fountain Starts with Combination of Colors, Assorted Chrysanthemums and Cracklings. Wait for the Surprise at the End. The Fountain Will Spray Like a Spider Net That Crawls in All...

  • Koi Pond fountain

    Koi Pond fountain


    Effects: 1. Silver sparks2. Multi-color fish3. Silk chrysanthemum4. Laser5. Crackling  

  • Whack a Mole

    Whack a Mole


    Effects: Loud Crackling with Red Pearl, Gold Pine with Blue Pearl, White Chrysanthemum with Green Pearl, Popping Star with Red and Green Pearl, Gold Coconut with Green Pearl, White Chrysanthemum with Orange Pearl. Ends with Loud Titanium...