• Banzai



    The ancient and triumphant cheer goes up with these six rockets: (1) waterfall with silver glitter; (2) red to silver glittering willow; (3) crackling willow;(4) red and green wave with flying fish; (5) pink and lemon stars with delayed crackling; and...

  • Corona (BP1214)



    Unit size: 1-1/8x6-1/4x27-7/16 in. Packing: 36/6 Ctn. size:  0.103 cu. m. Gr Wt.: 14 kg Reach for the stars as the rockets burst to chrysanthemums and willows at their maximum altitude. 1. Blue crackling with red star2...

  • Three-Peat Rocket

    Three-Peat Rocket


    This is a "pop" rocket with three huge reports Size: 16" H X 4" W X 1.5" D

  • Hardball



    Effects:1. Delay crackle2. Red and green palm3. Lemon and blue star4. Red, green and blue star with white glitter Dimension: 22″ H X 3.25″ W X 1.75″ D

  • Sky Pattern Rocket Kit

    Sky Pattern Rocket Kit


    Effect: 1.5" Shell1/ Brocade Ring2/ Silver Coconut Ring w/Crackling Rain Pistil 3/ Red Ring w/White Glitter Pistil4/ Red and Green Double Ring5/ Brocade Coconut w/Crackling Chrysanthemum

  • Pound Rockets

    Pound Rockets


    The effects consist of 4 big rockets with big effects. Red leaves, sizzling silver crossette, red crossette and new color leaves.