• Voodoo Rain

    Voodoo Rain


    Effects:Red tail up to gold titanium willow and red, sky blue umbrella; red tail up to gold titanium willow and purple, lemon umbrella; red tail up to gold titanium willow and orange, green umbrella; red tail up to gold titanium willow; red tail eject...

  • Sky Rave

    Sky Rave


    Effects:Cake A: Gold silk willow mine to gold silk willow, gold silk willow with crackle. Cake B: Gold silk willow mine to gold silk willow, gold silk willow with blue pearls, gold silver willow with crackle.

  • IPA 4 Pack

    IPA 4 Pack


    Effects:Storm chaser: Tiger tails to multi color neon dahlias with colorful falling leaves. Wet My Whistle: Three waves of red, green, lemon, purple lace effect with blue pearls and color pearls. Willow torpedo: Gold strobing willow, crackling willow,...

  • Evil Jester

    Evil Jester


    Effects:Crackles with red comet tails; crackle with green comet tails; crackle with silver comet tails; crackle with purple comet tails; crackle with orange comet tails.

  • Amazing Ballet Mini

    Amazing Ballet Mini


    Effects:This half version of the popular Amazing Ballet features a fast zipper effect with color changing tips and reports. It finishes with whistle crackle missiles. # of Shots: 100Size:5 x 14 x 12

  • Two Minute Fireworks Show

    Two Minute Fireworks Show


    Effects:1. Brocade tail up to red star and crackle.2. White, green and red glitter.3. Brocade tail up to brocade and red glitter.4. Red, green and blue star.5. Brocade tail up to lemon and purple star with white glitter.6. Crackle. Number of Shots:...

  • Color War

    Color War


    Effects:Lemon to purple; red to sky blue; green to red; purple to lemon; skyblue to green; lemon to purple; red tosky blue; red glitter mine up to purple,lemon peony; white glitter mine up tored, sky blue peony. Number of Shots: 48Dimension: 7 x 16...

  • Show in a Box

    Show in a Box


    Effects: 1. Iron flower fountain2. Vampire blood mines3. Ocean blue multi-shots4. Three color changing finale # of Shots: 21

  • T.H.A.A.D.



    Effects: 1. Zigzag shooting of red, white and blue tails2. Big time rain chrysanthemums # of Shots: 220

  • Absolute Pyro

    Absolute Pyro


    Effects: 1. Gold willow with tail2. Finale with gold willow breaks Number of Shots: 156Size: 7″ H X 22″ W X 16″ D  

  • Dancing In The Rain

    Dancing In The Rain


    Effect: Z Cake (Open & Close Curtain Pattern) Crackling Color Dahlia to Crackling. Color Stars Shoot Outward and Inward into a Curtain Pattern. Ends with a Wide Angle Fan with Color and Crackling.    

  • Color of USA - 230 Shot

    Color of USA - 230 Shot


    Effect: 230 Shots Of Assorted Color Stars, Crackling Tail And Whistling.  The Stars Change Color Each 20 Shot.  Ends With 2 Rolls Of Rapid Shots Of Crackling Tail

  • Ammo Crate Repeater

    Ammo Crate Repeater


    Zipper Cake1. Willow and purple, blue and lemon2. White brocade crown3. Glittering  

  • 1000 Gram Display

    1000 Gram Display


    Effects: 1. Red star2. Green star3. Sky blue star4. Orange star5. Lemon star6. Red, green, blue, purple star with delay crackle7. Crackling comet8. Blue star and red leaves with green leaves9. Red, green, blue and purple star with delay crackle # of...

  • 1000 Gram Finale

    1000 Gram Finale


    Effects: 1. Red comet2. Green comet3. Yellow comet4. Red comet5. Green comet6. Crackling comet7. Gold glittering mine with red, green, yellow, blue and purple star8. Red and green star with gold glitter # of Shots: 148

  • Pushing the Limits

    Pushing the Limits


    Effects: Alternate Red, Green, Yellow Blue Crackling Crossette Stars.  5 Waterfall Spray in Different Directions.  Rapid Fan of Red Coconut Follow With Blue Coconut. Ends with Rapid Shot of Huge Brocade, Red Glittering and Crackling Rain...

  • Pump Up The Jam

    Pump Up The Jam


    Effect : An EXCITING SEQUENCED ZigZag Cake with Colorful Combinations. Ends with Super Silvery Brocade Crowns.