• Deep Ocean

    Deep Ocean


    Effects:Gold tail to red blue white strobe; gold tail to red green blue peony and red strobes; gold tail to purple blue and green strobe; whistling tail to chrysanthemum; blue with red strobe to crackle.  

  • Redneck Diamonds

    Redneck Diamonds


    Effects:Brocade crown tail to brocade crown with blue pearls; time rain tail to brocade crown to time rain willow plus red green pearls; brocade tail to brocade crown with white strobe; time rain tail to time rain willow with red and green strobes...

  • Warfighter - 25 Shot

    Warfighter - 25 Shot


    Effect : Triple Angle of Assorted Color Comet Tail to Brocade and SILVER SPINNING CHRYSANTHEMUM with Color Falling Leaves, Ends with Titanium Crackling Willow  

  • Da Best of the Best

    Da Best of the Best


    Effects: Green Monster: Huge green breaks; green tail up green dahlia with green glittering; green flowering leaves; finale with green dahlia with green strobes Dixie Redneck: Red tail to red dahlia with red strobes; red fish; brocade crown with red...

  • Screamer



    Effects: 1. Three stage whistle, whistling tails to red and green palm with silver glitter and whistle2. Whistling tails to crackling flowers # of Shots: 36

  • 21 Gun Salute

    21 Gun Salute


    Effects: 1. Bloody red with silver palm pistil2. Silver palm and red glittering3. Purple, green, blue and gold glittering4. Silver palm and red, green glittering5. Green star, red glittering with silver palm pistil6. Brocade crown, bloody red, blue...

  • Outlaw Justice

    Outlaw Justice


    Effects:Gold tail to green coco palm with red strobe; gold tail to white strobe with chrysanthemum; gold tail to sizzling white with white strobe; gold tail to brocade crown with green strobe; gold tail to gold willow to crackle. # of...

  • Absolute Destruction

    Absolute Destruction


    Effects:Red, sky blue and white glitter; brocade and red green star; green purple star and gold glitter; red tip gold palm; green glitter; blue tip gold palm; red glitter; blue star and red glitter with white glitter; red glitter and green fish; green...

  • Hit the road, jack

    Hit the road, jack


    Effects:1. Red tails to bouquets2. Silver tails to bouquets3. Blue tails to blue stars4. Green tails to red, blue and silver glitter5. Gold tails to brocade6. Purple tails to delayed crackling7. Whistling tails to crackling flowers    

  • Fan-tastic Repeater

    Fan-tastic Repeater


    Effect: 30 Shot Alternate Effect Of Aqua Blue With Lemon Dahlia, Brocade With Red Glitter, Brocade With Crackling Flower, Aqua Blue To Red Glitter, Aqua Blue With Lemon Dahlia And Red Glitter, Red Green Crackling Willow

  • Jaw Dropper Repeater

    Jaw Dropper Repeater


    Wow! Shoot this and watch your audience drop their jaws in awe at the fast-paced action of tails, brocade palms, dragon chrysanthemums and huge colorful umbrellas. The ultimate finale piece!Effect1. Gold chrysanthemum mine with brocade tail up to brocade...

  • Blue Eruption

    Blue Eruption


    Effect: 35 Shot Blue Mine, Golden Tail To Blue Bouquet & Golden Willow, Silver Strobing Mine, Whistling Mouse, Golden Tail To Silver Crackling Chrysanthemum. 

  • Iron Tiger

    Iron Tiger


    Effect: Red Green Tail to Crackling, Red Tail to Red Palm, Silver Tail to White Glitter, Purple Tail to Purple & Silver Rain, Blue Tail to Red and Blue, Red and Green Swinging Star, Silver Tail to Silver Tourbillion, Blue Tail to Blue Silver Fish,...

  • Venom Repeater

    Venom Repeater


    Effect1. Gold brocade crown with green stars2. Green wave with chrysanthemum3. Red dahlia with green strobe4. Blue peony with time rain crackling5. Gold willow to red whistling6. Finale with chrysanthemum crackling

  • Yeti



    Effects: 1. Red tail up to brocade and red star2. Blue tail up to brocade and blue star3. Silver tail up to brocade and white glitter4. White glittering mine up to red tip delay crackling willow5. White glittering mine up to green tip delay crackling...

  • Steel Navy Repeater

    Steel Navy Repeater


    Effect: This 2 Feet Long 500gm Cake Shoots Combination Of Different Size & Different Angled Effects. Assorted Color Dahlia to White Glitter and Chrysanthemum, Fan Shape Red and Green Crackling Tail. Finale With Alternate Green and Purple...

  • State of the Union

    State of the Union


    Effects: 1. Red, white and blue mines.2. Blue tails to red and blue stars with silver glitter. # of Shots: 34Size: 8.25″ H X 13.75″ W X 17.25″ D