• Asteroid Warning

    Asteroid Warning


    Effects:Spider pillar; red star and white glitter; purple green star and crackle; red blue star and crackle; red green star and chrysanthemum.    

  • Frenzy



    Effects: 1. Red stars and whistling tail up to crackling and blue stars2. Green stars and whistling tails to bang reports and blue stars3. Whistling and white glittering up to bang reports, crackling # of Shots: 248

  • Waterfall



    Effect: Fan Cake - 5 Shot At A time, Blue Crackling Mines To Slowly Drizzling Waterfalls    

  • Mutant Strain

    Mutant Strain


    Effects:Chrysanthemum mine to blue peony with red strobe and chrysanthemum.  

  • Gold Rush

    Gold Rush


    Effects: 1. Red, blue and lemon dahlias to strobes2. Finale of golden strobing willows # of Shots: 12Size: 6.78″ H X 6.78″ OD  

  • Ghost Hunter

    Ghost Hunter


    Effects: BRIGHT GOLD GLITTERING with Blue, Red Dahlia and Purple. Ends with Rapid Shots Number of Shots: 12Dimension: Dia 6.75" x H 7.0"

  • Loudy & Nasty Repeater

    Loudy & Nasty Repeater


    Effect1. Gold glittering crown and green glittering2. Crackling and red glittering3. Gold palm and green glittering

  • Tiger Tails

    Tiger Tails


    Effects: 1, 4 & 7: Brocade tail up to brocade & red star 2, 5 & 8: Brocade tail up to brocade & green glitter 3, 6 & 9: Brocade tail up to brocade & blue pistil  

  • Happy 4th of July Repeater

    Happy 4th of July Repeater


    Effect:1. Red, silver and blue stars2. Whistling, crackling tail and glittering mines3. Finale with crackling chrysanthemum

  • 12S Salute To Our Heroes

    12S Salute To Our Heroes


    Effect : A Great Value 350gm Cake with Good Assortment of Effects - Powerful Break, Color Tail to Assorted Color Glittering and Chrysanthemum

  • Backyard Riot

    Backyard Riot


    Wanna set off a riot in the neighborhood? This one will do it – big, broad brocades and towering willows light up the night with cool hues of lemon and sea blue. Backyard Riot is a fireworks fracas! Size: 9" H x 9-3/4" W x 10" D Shots:...

  • War of Willows

    War of Willows


    Effect : HUGE TITANIUM WILLOW to Color Tips

  • One Minute Riot

    One Minute Riot


    Effect : 1 Minute multiple shot cake with TAILS, HUGE BREAK of Brocades, Willows, Assorted Color Glittering.

  • Battle Royale

    Battle Royale


    Effects: Mixture of Brocade Crown, Purple Coconut with Green Glitter, 5 Assorted Color Dahlia with Silver Glitter or Silver Crackle Chrysanthemum Pistil, Unique Grass Green & Pale Blue to Peach Blossom  Number of Shots: 16Dimension: L9.84"...

  • Keepin it 100

    Keepin it 100


    Effects: GOOD BREAK GREAT DURATION. Red Glitter Willow to Strobe and Crackling, V Shape Red/Green Coconut Tail to Popping Stars. Whistling Tail to Purple and Blue/Red Glitter and Crackling. Gold Glitter Willow and Crackling. Ends with Gold Tail to...

  • Fallout



    Effects:All shots with red plum blossom mine to white strobe with delayed red plum blossom; to time rain and delayed plum blossom; brocade crown with delayed plum blossom.