• Walkin' Dead Repeater

    Walkin' Dead Repeater


    This cake has the magic bullets that will kill the Walkin’ Dead: luminescent explosions rip into the air with a bloody finale of red stars.Effect1 , 3 , 5 , 7 , 9 , 11 , 13 & 15: Red tail up to red star and green star2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14...

  • 25 Zombies Repeater

    25 Zombies Repeater


    Effects: 1. Red and blue chrysanthemum mine2. Red palm and chrysanthemum3. Yellow palm and chrysanthemum4. Silver palm and chrysanthemum5. Purple and green palm, chrysanthemum and whistling # of Shots: 25

  • Gen X

    Gen X


    Effect: Bright red, purple, yellow and green crossettes # of Shots: 16

  • Strait Jacket

    Strait Jacket


    Effects: 1. Yellow, pink and white glittering2. Blue star, crystal gold glittering3. Lemon, purple and green glittering4. Crackling green star and red glittering Number of Shots: 16Size: 6″ H X 5″ W X 5″ D

  • Wicked




  • Anarchy



    Effects: 1. Crackling mine to red palm2. Crackling mine to green palm3. Crackling mine to silver palm4. Crackling mine to yellow palm5. Crackling mine to crackling chrysanthemum # of Shots: 49

  • Fireworks Fiesta

    Fireworks Fiesta


    Effects: 1. Color pearls2. Crackle bouquets with tails and whistle # of Shots: 96

  • Outlaw



    Effects: 1. Red, green, blue, yellow and silver palm trees and crackling Number of Shots: 36Size: 6″ H X 6″ W X 6″ D

  • Southwest Fiesta

    Southwest Fiesta


    This is one hot party in the desert!  83 rapid-fire shots form bright arcs in the dark sky, with glittering mines leading the way to burning, sizzling comets of red and green.  A fusillade of comets fill the horizon for a white hot...

  • Redneck Riviera

    Redneck Riviera


    Effects:1. Red, blue and green pillar.2. Red, green and blue star with white glitter. Number of Shots: 25Dimension: 4.75″ H X 4.25″ W X 7″ D

  • Don't Tread on Me

    Don't Tread on Me


    Effects:1. Red tail up to red star2. Silver tail up to silver palm3. Blue tail up to crackle and blue star  

  • Redneck Finale Repeater

    Redneck Finale Repeater


    Yee Haw, a small cake with bad*ss shots! Palms, glitter, and chrysanthemums, with a double finale of silver chrysanthemum and crackling palm – this is the whole shebang!Effect1-4: Red palm and white glitter5-7: Green star and silver chrysanthemum...

  • 28 Shot Finale

    28 Shot Finale


    Effects: 1. Blue star and silver fish2. Silver tiger tail3. Whistling tail to chrysanthemum4. Chrysanthemum to red, green star5. Silver palm and crackling6. Red, green glittering7. Red leaves and chrysanthemum # of Shots: 28

  • Psycho Peacock

    Psycho Peacock


    Effects:1. Red, green and blue pillar.2. Delay crackling willow.3. Red and green star with crackle.