• Hooked Repeater


    Effect:Red, green, blue brocade with gold strobes. 16 shots.

  • 25 Zombies Repeater


    Effects: 1. Red and blue chrysanthemum mine2. Red palm and chrysanthemum3. Yellow palm and chrysanthemum4. Silver palm and chrysanthemum5. Purple and green palm, chrysanthemum and whistling # of Shots: 25

  • Gen X


    Effect: Bright red, purple, yellow and green crossettes # of Shots: 16

  • Strait Jacket


    Effects: 1. Yellow, pink and white glittering2. Blue star, crystal gold glittering3. Lemon, purple and green glittering4. Crackling green star and red glittering Number of Shots: 16Size: 6″ H X 5″ W X 5″ D

  • Redneck Finale Repeater


    Yee Haw, a small cake with bad*ss shots! Palms, glitter, and chrysanthemums, with a double finale of silver chrysanthemum and crackling palm – this is the whole shebang!Effect1-4: Red palm and white glitter5-7: Green star and silver chrysanthemum...

  • Party Foul Repeater


    Party Foul. This multi-shot aerial can disrupt any party (in a good way). With 12 big and loud shots, it is sure to cause a ruckus. Shots: 12 Effects: 1. Sky blue and red dahlia with silver chrysanthemum2. Purple and lemon dahlia with gold...

  • 28 Shot Finale


    Effects: 1. Blue star and silver fish2. Silver tiger tail3. Whistling tail to chrysanthemum4. Chrysanthemum to red, green star5. Silver palm and crackling6. Red, green glittering7. Red leaves and chrysanthemum # of Shots: 28

  • Anarchy


    Effects: 1. Crackling mine to red palm2. Crackling mine to green palm3. Crackling mine to silver palm4. Crackling mine to yellow palm5. Crackling mine to crackling chrysanthemum # of Shots: 49

  • Fireworks Fiesta


    Effects: 1. Color pearls2. Crackle bouquets with tails and whistle # of Shots: 96

  • Outlaw


    Effects: 1. Red, green, blue, yellow and silver palm trees and crackling Number of Shots: 36Size: 6″ H X 6″ W X 6″ D

  • Southwest Fiesta


    This is one hot party in the desert!  83 rapid-fire shots form bright arcs in the dark sky, with glittering mines leading the way to burning, sizzling comets of red and green.  A fusillade of comets fill the horizon for a white hot...

  • Feeding Frenzy Repeater


    Feeding Frenzy brings swarms of vicious piranha fish feeding on red and blue stars and crackle. A towering brocade and silver chrysanthemum finish the pyro meal. Effect1-5: Red star and silver fish6-11: Blue star and silver fish12-16: Crackle and gold...

  • Frenzy


    Effects: 1. Red stars and whistling tail up to crackling and blue stars2. Green stars and whistling tails to bang reports and blue stars3. Whistling and white glittering up to bang reports, crackling # of Shots: 248