• Wild West (BP2924)

    Wild West


    Unit size: 5x4-7/8x6 in Packing: 12/1 Ctn. size: 0.034 cu. m. Gr Wt.: 18.5 kg Red, white tail to red, white bouquets; blue tail to blue stars; green tail to multi-color spinner with reports; crackling tail to crackling bouquets; 5 shots...

  • Suspended



    In suspended animation you'll wonder where the time has gone. Fifteen alternating shots of blue or yellow tails to blue or yellow stars with crackling. Ends with a ten-shot finale. 25 SHOTS

  • Whirlwind of Caribbean Sea

    Whirlwind of Caribbean Sea


    Red, green and blue tail to strobing star and silver swirling with a red, green and blue heart. 19 SHOTS

  • BadHareDay



    A bad day turns good with silver and red and green and gold glitter, red clubs, and crackling stars. 49 SHOTS  

  • Rap Sheet

    Rap Sheet


    An assortment of three Brothers 200-gram cakes: BP-A110-1 Copper Devils, BP-A110-2 Sapphire Clan and BP-A110-3 Crimson Bulls. Each of the three cakes can be ordered separately.

  • Redneck Finale Repeater

    Redneck Finale Repeater


    Yee Haw, a small cake with bad*ss shots! Palms, glitter, and chrysanthemums, with a double finale of silver chrysanthemum and crackling palm – this is the whole shebang!Effect1-4: Red palm and white glitter5-7: Green star and silver chrysanthemum...

  • Waterfall



    Effect: Fan Cake - 5 Shot At A time, Blue Crackling Mines To Slowly Drizzling Waterfalls    

  • Mutant Strain

    Mutant Strain


    Effects:Chrysanthemum mine to blue peony with red strobe and chrysanthemum.  

  • Gold Vein

    Gold Vein


    Gold coconut palm mine to brocade crown with chrysanthemum; gold coconut palm to gold coconut palm with red and white strobe.

  • Mechanical Bug (BP2838/U)

    Mechanical Bug


    Unit size: 7-1/4x7x4 in. Packing: 8/1 Ctn. size: 0.033 cu. m. Gr Wt.: 18.5 kg Silver flying fishes with blue stars, whistling and crackling tail to reports. 100 SHOTS

  • Premium Willow

    Premium Willow


    Effects:Gold silk willow mine to gold silk willow with blue pearls Number of Shots: 25

  • Pulse Pounder

    Pulse Pounder


    Loud reports with red, green, blue, orange and purple tails.  

  • Ghost Hunter

    Ghost Hunter


    Effects: BRIGHT GOLD GLITTERING with Blue, Red Dahlia and Purple. Ends with Rapid Shots Number of Shots: 12Dimension: Dia 6.75" x H 7.0"

  • Mobile Menace

    Mobile Menace


    1. Alternating red and green glitter v-shaped titanium flower tails with whistles2. Silver swirling tails with whistles3. V-shaped crackling comet tails4. Five quickened shots of delayed crackle

  • Pipe Dream

    Pipe Dream


    Unit size: 5-1/4x6-3/4x5-7/8 in. Packing: 12/1 Ctn. size: 0.048 cu. m. Gr Wt.: 19 kg Dreaming of the biggest jumbo gold palms with red and green glitter, then brocade with red and green falling leaves to blue stars. Then there would...

  • Knuckle Sandwich

    Knuckle Sandwich


    This one lands HARD…gold glittering tails to red and blue dahlia, then to purple and blue dahlia, and finally to silver palms and silver glitter. 12 SHOTS  

  • Hot Take

    Hot Take


    Get wild about chrysanthemum mines to multicolored dahlia with chrysanthemum, and then to purple and lemon and blue dahlia with chrysanthemums. 12 SHOTS

  • Loudy & Nasty Repeater

    Loudy & Nasty Repeater


    Effect1. Gold glittering crown and green glittering2. Crackling and red glittering3. Gold palm and green glittering