• Mutant Strain

    Mutant Strain


    Effects:Chrysanthemum mine to blue peony with red strobe and chrysanthemum.  

  • Gold Vein

    Gold Vein


    Gold coconut palm mine to brocade crown with chrysanthemum; gold coconut palm to gold coconut palm with red and white strobe.

  • Pulse Pounder

    Pulse Pounder


    Loud reports with red, green, blue, orange and purple tails.  

  • Gold Rush

    Gold Rush


    Effects: 1. Red, blue and lemon dahlias to strobes2. Finale of golden strobing willows # of Shots: 12Size: 6.78″ H X 6.78″ OD  

  • Ghost Hunter

    Ghost Hunter


    Effects: BRIGHT GOLD GLITTERING with Blue, Red Dahlia and Purple. Ends with Rapid Shots Number of Shots: 12Dimension: Dia 6.75" x H 7.0"

  • Mobile Menace

    Mobile Menace


    1. Alternating red and green glitter v-shaped titanium flower tails with whistles2. Silver swirling tails with whistles3. V-shaped crackling comet tails4. Five quickened shots of delayed crackle

  • Loudy & Nasty Repeater

    Loudy & Nasty Repeater


    Effect1. Gold glittering crown and green glittering2. Crackling and red glittering3. Gold palm and green glittering