• Monstrosity



    (60GM Canister Shells) 6″ canister shells with 12 giant breaks; 24 breaks.    

  • Sonic Shells

    Sonic Shells


    Effects:4 Fiberglass tubes24 XL 5" canister shells Premium effects: Whistling tail to loud break.

  • The Patriot 6 inch Canister

    The Patriot 6 inch Canister


    Effects: Double:1. Red palm & crackle / Blue palm & crackle2. Red palm / Green palm3. Purple & orange star with green glitter4. Orange to green / Purple to green5. Lemon, cyanine blue, purple / Brocade6. Crackle & red plum flower /...

  • Neon Diablo

    Neon Diablo


    Effects:1. Cyan blue & red glitter with crackle2. Purple to green3. Pink & cyan blue4. Lemon, purple & cyan blue5. Purple to chrysanthemum6. Red to white glitter, cyan blue to white glitter Number of Breaks: 6Dimension: 13-7/10″ H...

  • Koto Collection

    Koto Collection


    Effects: (6" double break shells)) Two Each- Assorted Double BreaksA: Red coco palm with silver plum blossom + green coco palm with gold plum blossomB: Green coco palm with red plum blossom + orange coco palm with white strobesC: Super gold coco palm to...

  • Ultimatum Reloads

    Ultimatum Reloads


    Each Box Consist of 2 Round, 2 Canister, 2 Double, 2 Triple and 2 Quadruple Shells. 6 Boxes of 10 Shells In The Package, Total of 60 Assorted Artillery Shells In This Kit.