• Neighbor Hater


    Effects:1. Whistle2. Red star & crackle3. Green star & sparkle crackle Dimension: 6 x 3.6

  • Tommy Turbo


    Avg. Duration: 18 sec. Effects: 1. Red spark with titanium flower whistle (vehicle moves forward) 2. Titanium flower (spinner) 3. White sparkling flower to whistle (vehicle moves backwards)

  • Red Beret Parachute


    Packing : 36/3Cubic Meter: 0.082Wt (Kg) : 18.0Box Dimension: L7.27" x W5.9" x H2.76"Unit Dimension: Dia 1.5" x H7.9"Shoots out Parachute with Army Man Figure3 Effect:  Crackling Blue Smoke Red Strobe  

  • Crackling Candle


    A 10 ball roman candle with crackling pearls with tail.  

  • Screaming Crackler


    Effects:Screams into the air and emits a report Dimension: 15.75″ H X 7″ W X 1″ D

  • Black Cat In Living Color


    When your parents got a taste of color TV, they couldn’t go back to watching black-and-white. Try In Living Color and you won’t go back to a regular fountain. This classic will hold your attention, with eye-popping colors of Red, Green, Blue,...

  • Go Bananas


    Effect - Red Torch / White Chrysanthemum / Loud Silver Rain / White Glitter / Assorted Color Sparks / White Spring Ends with Extra Loud Crackling

  • Ftn Dew


    Effects:Color fish silver pine needles; red green white stars to red and silver crackle; blue stars with gold silk chrysanthemum to blue stars and sizzling crackle; red and green time rain. Dimension: 7.25 x 3.5

  • 10-Report Repeater


    Each candle shoots 10 green balls with tails ending with loud double report