• Black Cat Handful Roman Candle

    Black Cat Handful Roman Candle


    Effects:1. Crackling2. Flash report3. Color pearls4. Whistle with report5. Blue pearl with report # of Shots: 10Size: 17.5" H X 3.5" W X .5" D

  • Ice Cube

    Ice Cube


    Effects:Red tail to purple pearls with green strobes; green tail to brocade crown with red strobes; blue tail to blue pearls with gold chrysanthemum.    

  • 10-Report Repeater

    10-Report Repeater


    Each candle shoots 10 green balls with tails ending with loud double report

  • Moby Dick

    Moby Dick


    Effects: A. Blue Titanium Rain B. Red Green Yellow Blue Fish                    C. Gold Chrysanthemum w/ Orange & Blue D. Laser Purple & Green   E. Multiple Geyser Effect...

  • Noah's Ark

    Noah's Ark


    A. 3 Tier Geyser Effect alternate with Silver Flower  B. Silver Rain to White Flower  C. Smokeless Silver Flower   D. Silver Rain with Laser   E. Smokeless Blue Titanium Rain to Titanium Crackling 

  • Ftn Dew

    Ftn Dew


    Effects:Color fish silver pine needles; red green white stars to red and silver crackle; blue stars with gold silk chrysanthemum to blue stars and sizzling crackle; red and green time rain. Dimension: 7.25 x 3.5

  • Air hugs

    Air hugs


    GIVE AN AIR HUG EVEN WE ARE SOCIAL DISTANCING! Laser to Red, Strobing Face, Swirling Dragon, V shape Titanium Red Rain to Glitter. Ends with Loud Crackling & Blinding Strobe

  • 9 lives

    9 lives


    Effects:1. Red palm2. Green palm3. Yellow palm  

  • Avenger



    18 Shot - Red palm with white strobe, silver palm with crackling mine, green palm with gold strobe, purple palm with white strobe ending with water wave and chrysanthemums.    

  • Bump Bear

    Bump Bear


    Effects:Gold, red, silver and green palm trees with silver glittering tails. Number of Shots: 16Dimension:  4.5x4x4

  • Pound Rockets

    Pound Rockets


    The effects consist of 4 big rockets with big effects. Red leaves, sizzling silver crossette, red crossette and new color leaves.

  • Red, White, Blue Repeater

    Red, White, Blue Repeater


    Start your July 4th evening with a patriotic celebration – Red White & Blue fits the bill. Red umbrellas, white glitter, and blue stars fill the sky with a proud salute to our nation’s independence.Effect1-4: Red umbrella and silver...