• Show in a Box


    Effects: 1. Iron flower fountain2. Vampire blood mines3. Ocean blue multi-shots4. Three color changing finale # of Shots: 21

  • Monstrous Palm Rack


    Effect: Gigantic Golden Palm With Assorted Color Stars, Ends With Multiple Shots of Big Silver Willows

  • Neon King


    Effects: 1. Peach peony2. Orange peony3. Sky blue peony4. Lemon peony5. Green peony6. Purple peony7. Finale: peach and sky blue, orange and green, lemon and purple peony # of Shots: 9

  • Skull Crusher


    Effects: 1. Brocade crowns2. Green, yellow, red and blue color tips3. 2 shot finale # of Shots: 9

  • King of Chrusanthemums


    Supersize color chrysanthemums. Ends with multiple shots of giant gold palm with loud crackle.

  • Chameleon


    Effects: 1. Half lemon and half sky blue with brocade ring2. Half orange and half purple with brocade ring3. Half peach and half green with brocade ring Number of Shots: 9Size: 14″ H X 14″ W X 14″ D  

  • This is Power Finale


    Effects: GOOD BREAK GREAT DURATION. Red Glitter Willow to Strobe and Crackling, V Shape Red/Green Coconut Tail to Popping Stars. Whistling Tail to Purple and Blue/Red Glitter and Crackling. Gold Glitter Willow and Crackling. Ends with Gold Tail to...

  • Mega Box


    Effects: 32 Shots with 54 Breaks 1/ 12 Spherical - Color Peony with Crackling, Red to Green, Silver Wave, Green to Crackling, Crackling, Blue Chry, Purple Rose, Green Glitter, Ocean Blue, Lemon, Crimson Red, Gold Willow to Orange 2/ 6 canister -...

  • Sky Riot


    Effects:1. Brocade crowns2. Multi-color tips Number of Shots: 9Dimension:  14″ H X 14″ W X 14″ D

  • Divide and Conquer


    Effects: 4 Tubes24 Assorted effects24 Canister shells # of Breaks:24

  • Big Attitude Reloads


    Each box consist of 6 round, 12 canister, 10 double, 4 triple and 4 quadruple shells Effect: 1/ Brocade2/ Chrysanthemum3/ Red White Blue Peony4/ Silver Glitter5/ Red Peony to Silver Coconut6/ Red Palm7/ Red Peony to Chrysanthemum8/ Color Coconut to...

  • T.H.A.A.D.


    Effects: 1. Zigzag shooting of red, white and blue tails2. Big time rain chrysanthemums # of Shots: 220