Black Cat

  • Da Best of the Best

    Da Best of the Best


    Effects: Green Monster: Huge green breaks; green tail up green dahlia with green glittering; green flowering leaves; finale with green dahlia with green strobes Dixie Redneck: Red tail to red dahlia...

  • Doggy Doo Doo

    Doggy Doo Doo


    Produces ash “snake” with crackling effect.

  • Fireworks Fiesta

    Fireworks Fiesta


    Effects: 1. Color pearls2. Crackle bouquets with tails and whistle # of Shots: 96

  • Frenzy



    Effects: 1. Red stars and whistling tail up to crackling and blue stars2. Green stars and whistling tails to bang reports and blue stars3. Whistling and white glittering up to bang reports,...

  • Gen X

    Gen X


    Effect: Bright red, purple, yellow and green crossettes # of Shots: 16

  • Haunted House

    Haunted House


    Get spooked with Black Cat’s Haunted House. Like an amusement park ride, Haunted House takes you on a journey of wailing whistles, scary silhouettes and ghoulish glitters. Throw in some glowing...

  • Hooked Repeater

    Hooked Repeater


    Effect:Red, green, blue brocade with gold strobes. 16 shots.

  • Neon Freedom

    Neon Freedom


    Effects: 1. Red, green and blue2. Orange, green and purple3. Brocade crown to crackling # of Shots: 35

  • Neon King

    Neon King


    Effects: 1. Peach peony2. Orange peony3. Sky blue peony4. Lemon peony5. Green peony6. Purple peony7. Finale: peach and sky blue, orange and green, lemon and purple peony # of Shots: 9

  • Party Foul Repeater

    Party Foul Repeater


    Party Foul. This multi-shot aerial can disrupt any party (in a good way). With 12 big and loud shots, it is sure to cause a ruckus. Shots: 12 Effects: 1. Sky blue and red dahlia with silver...

  • Screamer



    Effects: 1. Three stage whistle, whistling tails to red and green palm with silver glitter and whistle2. Whistling tails to crackling flowers # of Shots: 36

  • Screwed Up

    Screwed Up


    Effects: 1. Double sizzling brocade2. Crown to colorful pearls3. Crackling tail to gold spider with blue pearls4. Crackling tail to titanium willow with green strobe5. Crackling tail to time rain...