Black Cat

  • Dual Exhaust 6 Inch

    Dual Exhaust 6 Inch


    Effects:1. Red green coco palm with crackle and purple blue peony with gold plum blossom.2. Red coco palm with silver plum blossom and green coco palm with gold plum blossom.3. Purple green peony...

  • Ftn Dew

    Ftn Dew


    Effects:Color fish silver pine needles; red green white stars to red and silver crackle; blue stars with gold silk chrysanthemum to blue stars and sizzling crackle; red and green time rain...

  • Going Ballistic

    Going Ballistic


    Going, Going, Gone! Going Ballistic pounds the sky with colors and crackles. A great addition to Black Cat's exceptional rocket arsenal. Size: 27-1/2" H -- 8" H x 2-1/8" Ø...

  • Hardball



    Effects:1. Delay crackle2. Red and green palm3. Lemon and blue star4. Red, green and blue star with white glitter Dimension: 22″ H X 3.25″ W X 1.75″ D

  • King of Chrusanthemums

    King of Chrusanthemums


    Supersize color chrysanthemums. Ends with multiple shots of giant gold palm with loud crackle.

  • Koto Ring Shells

    Koto Ring Shells


    Effects: 6 shots. 6 breaks. 60 gram canister shells. 6 XL 6” shells.6 Japanese inspired effects: assorted rings with special effects. # of Breaks: 6Size: 6 XL 6” shells

  • Magnum Velocity Missile

    Magnum Velocity Missile


    This 10″ missile glides through the air while it showers down gold glitter. Size: 10″ H x 3-1/2″ W x 3-1/2″ D

  • Monstrous Palm Rack

    Monstrous Palm Rack


    Effect: Gigantic Golden Palm With Assorted Color Stars, Ends With Multiple Shots of Big Silver Willows

  • Neighbor Hater

    Neighbor Hater


    Effects:1. Whistle2. Red star & crackle3. Green star & sparkle crackle Dimension: 6 x 3.6

  • Neon Diablo

    Neon Diablo


    Effects:1. Cyan blue & red glitter with crackle2. Purple to green3. Pink & cyan blue4. Lemon, purple & cyan blue5. Purple to chrysanthemum6. Red to white glitter, cyan blue to white...

  • Neon Sparklers

    Neon Sparklers


    Light up the night with these very special one-of-a-kind 17″ sparklers. These are definitely not ordinary sparklers made with Japanese technology. The Special Effects Sparkler 3 different...

  • Parachute Exhibition

    Parachute Exhibition


    Packing : 12/1Cubic Meter: 0.064Wt (Kg) : 24.00Dimension: Dia6.69" x H6.85"Effect: 19S Red And Green Pearls With Whistling. Twisting Dragon To Red And Green Pearls With Crackling  - Parachute...

  • Pink Lady

    Pink Lady


    Effect: Beautiful & Dense Pink Smoke (Duration 1 min)

  • Plasma Gun

    Plasma Gun


    Effects:Silver titanium flower. Dimension: 23.7 x 2.4